Mission Statement

Make the "Sharing Economy" more about actual sharing!

Dear Fellow Vacation Rental Hosts and Guests,

The original promise of the Internet was to enable disintermediation. Sadly, this concept fell short concerning the home rental industry, as a handful of platforms cornered and consolidated the market; now charging listing fees, guest fees, host fees, service and transaction fees and even withholding taxes whatever amount they desire.

Guests and hosts have assumed the role of serf in a feudalistic ecosystem operated by a handful of multi-billion dollar corporations that intermediate between us in OUR community, by creating an artificial bottleneck consisting of a few digital bytes of code to keep us perpetually divided, exploited and enslaved in their game of divide and conquer.

And they have the nerve to call this the "sharing economy", so nobody questions why a handful of non-rental-home-owner founders and investors turned into multi-billionaires while the rest of us are fixing toilets, servicing air-conditioners and grinding new sets of keys.

Free Rentals is wholly owned, managed and operated by actual vacation rental owners and renters. Our platform is completely free to use. We don't get in the middle of, nor skim from, transactions. We simply connect hosts and guests while fostering nuanced accommodation matchmaking to benefit all parties.

Short-term rental of a home or private room is a highly sensitive, personalized consideration. We believe you have the right, and obligation, to be highly selective concerning who you permit to stay in your home, or whose home you stay in while travelling. Neither the government, nor a platform website, should be allowed to force you to disclose private details concerning how you utilize your own personal property or time.

Join me in helping to make make the "sharing economy" more about actual "sharing", and to restore a sense of privacy, integrity and freedom back to OUR vacation home rental marketplace. Thanks for taking the time to understand what this is all about.