Referal Program

Millionaire Machine

September 1, 2022 - Free-Rentals is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) enabling guest and host members to quickly become millionaires by owning an equity stake in the Free-Rentals Web 3.0 Vacation Rentals Platform.

Airbnb has 6M rooms listed and is valued at $72B USD, which works out to a valuation of $12,000 USD per listing.

Free-Rentals currently has 8,016 listings, and a planned valuation of $600M USD once 500,000 credible and valid listings has been attained.

If you refer a new member to Free-Rentals, who then lists a valid rental accommodation that remains active and valid at the time our goal of 500,000 total listings is attained, then you will be given a $1,200 USD equity stake in Free-Rentals, (backed by an ERC20 smart contract), for each and every listing your referals contributed.
Wealth at Free-Rentals
Can you recruit people to list 834 rentals?
834 x $1,200 = $1,000,800 USD

Once our goal of 500,000 listings has been attained, this program of equity in exchange for referals listings will discontinue and the DAO backend activated.

Each member will have earned $1,200 USD equity per each listing referal, and also have votings rights for key business decisions and product development plans based on their percentage of stake ownership in the Free-Rentals platform.