Mission Statement

Dear Fellow Vacation Rental Hosts and Guests,

The original premise of the Internet was to enable disintermediation. Sadly, this concept fell short concerning the home sharing industry, as a handful of consolidated platforms cornered the market, now charging annual listing fees, guest fees, host fees and even withholding taxes.

Guests and hosts have assumed the role of serf in a feudalistic ecosystem operated by a handful of business people who profited obscenely by intermediating between guests and hosts of our community.

The big business elites have created an artificial bottleneck consisting of a few digital bytes of code to keep us divided and separated for just long enough to be fully exploited... And they labeled this the "sharing economy", so nobody questions why a few of them became multi-billionaires while the rest of us are fixing toilets, servicing air-conditioners and grinding new sets of keys.

Free-Rentals.com is wholly owned, managed and operated by actual vacation rental owners. Our platform is completely free for guests and hosts to use. We don't skim from your transactions and we allow free communications to ensure the accommodation is a great match for both parties.

Please join me in helping to make make the "sharing economy" more about actually "sharing".

Jeff Hock
Founder of Free-Rentals.com

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